Like I’m A Kindergarten Teacher

A few years ago, I worked in a school that allowed every teacher that taught science to sit down for several days.  When I say every teacher I mean teachers from Kindergarten through high school.  It was an amazing experience and we were able to get a lot done.

What I remember the most was when the Kindergarten teacher would shake her head and say “I don’t teach science.”  we only talk about the seasons, the weather, how we breath faster when we run, sweating, laughing, and that batteries can go dead.”  We told her that was science.  She still shook her and said that she didn’t know how it was science, when she didn’t think it was science.

I think about this a lot; especially while reading some of the articles in Chemical and Engineering News and Physics today. I start reading the article, and then just shake my head and wonder how is what I teach my chem and physics students ever going to help them to understand some of the theories based upon these ideas?  I don’t even get some of it.

Maybe that’s what is needed.  A workshop that pairs research scientists with science teachers where all they do is discuss a couple articles published in a professional journal and trace the theories back to what is taught in a high school chemistry or physics class.

There is a subreddit titled “explainlikeimfive.  Perhaps, it could be something like that.  Except more like explainlikeimteaching it to a five year old?