Inner Dialog

(I am basing this internal dialogue off of a conversation I had with a  co-worker last year.)

Me:  Is it possible to pass your class while still failing an assignment?

Traditional Me:  yes, but we review the material several times in class so, they will still learn it.

Me:  Can they get those questions wrong on the test but still pass the test?

Traditional me:  Possibly, but they will still need to know it for the final.

Me: Can they fail that test but still pass the class?

Traditional Me:  sure, but they won’t get a good grade, besides, they will still need to know it for the final exam.

Me:  can they miss those questions that pertain to the questions they missed from the assignment, the review, and test,  and still pass the final exam?

Traditional Me:  I suppose, it’s possible.

Me:  Then why do you teach that particular material?

Traditional Me:  Because they need to know it in order to pass the class/ it’s part of the curriculum.

Me:  You just said they can pass the class without needing to know it.

Traditional me:  So, what am I supposed to do?  We can use that logic for anything I teach in my class.

Me:  Only if you assess their work the way you currently do.

Traditional me:  but changing the way I teach and grade is one hell-of-a lot of work.

Me:  yep.

Traditional me:  Why should I change everything I do now at this late stage in my career? 

Me:  Why do you teach?


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