Quite some time since last post

Lot’s have happened.  still use BCA Tables and love them.  Upgraded Physics to AP Physics 1 with some challenges, but I think its been a good 2 years with this change.  Chemistry is slowly evolving to a more hands-on class.

I read that it’s harder to introduce new teaching styles into the classroom because we don’t have a memory of it as students. I agree.

currently, I’m battling a large dose of frustration.  we hear “I tried it and it won’t work.” by the same people who say “students today are nothing like they used to be.”

(bringing up biology – just be patient).  Evolution is where a species changes slowly over a long period of time, or so I’ve been told.  However, it isn’t an “instantaneous” species-broad change.  A few change here and then a few more there, and so on.  It takes a long period of time for the majority to have evolved into a new something.

Maybe that’s what’s going on with student learning.  The new idea came from a teacher with a few new “species”.  When we try it somewhere else, it doesn’t work because the majority of our students consist of old “species”.

I guess the point I’m getting at is that we need to try idea that might not have worked before, but might work now.  The only way something that didn’t work before won’t work now is if (1) the students are the same as they have always been, and (this is the important one) (2) the teacher is the same as she/he used to be.

I certainly hope that the second one is not the case.  We as teachers  need to change and grow.  If the teacher is standing still  while education moves forward, she/he isn’t keeping up, they are falling behind.


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