Organic Letters on the Lookout for Data Manipulation

Organic Letters on the Lookout for Data Manipulation

This is the stuff high schoolers need to read when they are thinking about plagiarizing.  Maybe they would think twice about “real-world” consequences before they get into the habit of using the cut and paste features of their keyboards.


Kahn Academy?

Interesting video about “watching” lectures.

Are students really learning or only hearing what they want to hear to justify what they already “know”.  I have the same problem with gravity that the video used as an example.

It is important that teachers in lower grade levels get the concepts right.  Students are much more receptive at the younger ages.  So, when we get them in high school, once they hear a topic they already know, they had better know it correctly, or they will more than likely not be corrected.

I like that the term “confused” was used as a sign of corrected misconceptions.